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Взыскание задолженности (долгов) Последнее по итогам суда может быть реализовано с торгов. Если выигрывает истец, он получает решение суда, позволяющее инициировать процесс взыскания задолженности. В документе помимо основной суммы долга, должно быть указано на необходимость оплатить неустойку, штраф, а также компенсировать судебные издержки истца.

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    In 1898, Louis Renault fitted the De Dion-Bouton with a drive shaft [en] and bevel gear differential, creating "the first ever hot rod [en] ". [14] This allowed Louis and his brothers to take their place in the automobile industry. In the absence of any clear standards regarding car architecture, body type, materials and management, inventions appeared very quickly and disorganized. Many cars of this time used a tiller instead of steering [en] , and most of them traveled at a fixed speed. In 1903, the Rambler was standardized on steering and with the driver's seat on the left side of the vehicle. [15] A chain drive was more common than a cardan shaft, and closed bodies were extremely rare. In 1902, Renault began to install drum brakes. [16] In the following year, the Dutch manufacturer "Spyker" built the first all-wheel drive sports car. [17] This car was never raced, and until 1965 no four-wheel drive sports car was produced in mass production.

    В 1966 году автомобиль Nissan Prince R380 занял 3-е место в японском ралли «Grand Prix», конкурируя с легендарным Porsche 906. И в этом же году Nissan Bluebird одержал победу в своем классе в ХIV Safari Rally. Впервые победу одержал японский автомобиль. В 1967 году для японской императорской семьи был разработан первый лимузин Prince Royal с двигателем V8 объемом 6373 см3; длина автомобиля составляла 6,155 мм, ширина - 2,100 мм и высота - 1,770 мм. В январе 1968 года штаб-квартира компании переехала в новое здание в районе Ginza м Токио. В том же году был выпущен на рынок новый автомобиль Fairlady 2000, который помог компании Nissan завоевать огромную популярность на международном рынке.

    Within a few years, hundreds of manufacturers from all over the Western world began to produce cars with an incredible number of different technologies [en] . Steam, electric, and gasoline cars competed for decades until gasoline internal combustion engines became dominant in the 1910s. Cars with two and even four engines were developed, and the engine volume reached a dozen liters. Many modern developments were tried and rejected during this period, including gas and electric hybrids [en] , multi-valve engines [en] , overhead camshafts, four-wheel drive [en] .

    On November 5, 1895, in the United States, George Selden [en] received a patent for a two-stroke automobile engine. [19] This patent hindered rather than contributed to the development of automobiles in the United States. Most of the big American companies were licensed by Sandlay's patent, and were forced to pay for every car they produced. Having become the world's leading manufacturer of horse-drawn vehicles, the Studebaker brothers switched to electric cars in 1902 and gasoline engines in 1904, but continued to produce horse-drawn vehicles until 1919. [20] : Article 90 In 1908, the first South American car was built in Peru. [21]